Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Kieran's been mildly sick for a few weeks, but finally seems on the mend. He was just having trouble digesting food, and it was painful to watch him struggle to eat. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a really sick child. It would be exhausting and heart-breaking. A young friend of ours in Zimbabwe died just before Easter. Tawanda was the cutest little boy (his photos are on this blog a few times) and he was always in our home - chatting away, or trying to carry the water can for the garden or telling jokes in Shona. His death is a mystery to us (all we know is he woke up with stomach pains) and it really distressed us. God knows.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The cuzes

We just spent a few days down in Orlando, Florida with Josh and Jenn and their adorable baby Aiden. Kieran loved meeting up with his aunt, uncle and little cousin. Kieran and Aiden are only 2 months apart, and I think they're going to hvae a lot of fun in the future. On our last night there they both stayed awake way past bedtime. I suspect that Kieran (the older cousin) initiated this sleepover plot! He went swimming for the first time and peed all over his face for the first time. Babies are fun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A week in the life of

On Monday Kieran and I went to a very sad funeral. It was for a mom and son. The son died during childbirth because of complications and a c-section (this freaked me out - I had a c-section) and then the mother died from a blood clot the day she returned from the hospital. Can you imagine!?! They were buried together - her holding him in the coffin. There are 2 sons left behind who could really use your prayers. It was a very sobering moment to be singing "Amazing Grace" on a frigid, windy, snowy day as this coffin was descending into the earth, I was holding onto Kieran's stroller and the family was weeping. I needed a big long Kieran cuddle when we got home.

Wednesday we went to the dentist as a family. Of course Kieran didn't have any teeth to be cleaned, but he was passed around to all the staff and found the colourful toothbrushes interesting to look at.

Yesterday I was singing the national anthem and praying at an awards dinner for a home that supports people who are deaf and blind (did you know there are 15,500 deaf-blind people in Canada? that seems like so many!) I was watching a woman translate for her friend - making signs in her hand (just like Helen Keller's friend did). It amazed me that there could be so many different words and signs in such a small space. The dinner was at the Royal York Hotel and Kieran was the only baby, so he got passed around a lot (I'm so thankful he has my social skills!) During my singing, Jim Flaherty (Minister of Finance and special guest) smiled at me. Ooooooh.

Today we're heading up to Jackson's Point for our church's Easter camp (Passover dinner tonight) and then we leave for Orlando on Saturday. I can't wait to meet my nephew.

Happy Easter everyone!